Thursday, November 1, 2012

I KNEW something was missing!

I've been feeling that something was missing in my blog but couldn't decide exactly what. Then it dawned on me as I found myself daydreaming about a turkey with cranberry sandwich for lunch. FOOD!

Any mom worth her salt thinks about food 80% of the day. I mean between feeding ourselves, having food on the table and figuring out when the heck to make said food between work, sleep, carpool, homework, softball practice and laundry it takes lots of planning. Not to mention the mommy guilt when it's not a "healthy choice."

So here we go, I'm tossing in some food fun. Some will be tips for surviving the food to table challenge, easy ways to include more whole foods in our diet, post workout fuel ideas and of course favorite desserts. Happy eating!

My first entry is on bananas. Between my son loving them, and a constant overflow of extras from moms in motion snack moms on Saturdays we always have bananas about to go brown on the counter. Over the years I have tried various ways to use them up. Here are a few of my favorites:

Banana dips- break them in bite sized chunks, freeze on a foil covered baking sheet. Then dip in melted dark chocolate. Yummo! Or mix in some peanut butter to the chocolate.

Skinny Chunky Monkey Cookies- only 6 ingredients and these delights bake up fast!

Smoothies/ Faux milk shakes- break into chunks and freeze on a foil covered baking sheet. Once frozen, fold up the foil and pour into a freezer bag. You can use these in smoothies ( I LOVE Juice Plus complete with banana & almond milk) or even mix halfses with ice cream & nonfat milk in the blender to fool yourself into a low fat milkshake.

Banana bread oatmeal - I can't even recall the source...but I'm sure I pinned it on Pintrest. Mash half a banana and mix it into your oatmeal with some cinnamon. Yummo!

Have another idea? PLEASE share!

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